Thursday, 8 December 2011

Going cold turkey

It’s only been 2 days since I suspended my Facebook page and yet it feels like at least a week! I really hadn’t counted on the severe withdrawal symptoms I’d get when I just simply stopped. Within the first few hours after breakfast on my first day ‘without page’, I was already behaving like the hardened smoker determined to quit – constantly looking for something else to do with my hands, to keep my mind off the craving. You see, I had been planning on going completely cold turkey and staying off FB altogether for a while. But then again, my diet after Christmas will more than likely consist almost entirely of turkey leftovers so why put myself through the same pain twice right?

It’s been a strange couple of days. My page is still there, a link sitting on my profile page that leads to bizarre place, frozen in time. Still1064 likers. Still 88 ‘talking about this’ and yet a weird eeriness about the page that comes with being the only person interacting with it.

I’ve already begun the huge task of dismantling my baby ready for a brand new build. All the old collection albums are making way for a single new gallery and all the notes on ordering, paying, postage and gift-packaging and various other somewhat pointless topics have gone. It’s going to be a streamlined version of its former self with a focus on what’s important to me – designing from the heart, inspiring others and making pieces that people fall in love with.

So, I’ve come full circle really. I’m back to where I first began but all the wiser for my first Facebook experience. I certainly won’t be making the same mistakes twice.
I am now protecting my designs from copycats and have learned lots of useful tips for selling safely on FB which I will be sharing in an article for Beads Unlimited early next year.
Above all, I won’t let the actions of a shameless few deter me from my natural path. I am a nurturing person and I will continue to share advice and techniques to help others grow and have faith that I will receive the same in return.

So, take some time out this Christmas from your busy Facebook businesses. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve in the time not spent chasing comments and likes and waiting for the photo uploader to work. You might even find you like it ;-)

Happy Christmas!



  1. Glad you have been able to sort this helen. I'm proud of you :D I would very much look forward to the Beads Unlimited feature. x

  2. Glad to hear you will be back and you sound so much better and more focused. You keep going hun, dont let the fraudsters get you down. Ive suspended myself from FB for a while, got so fed up with opionionated people. having such a rough time of things at the moment I need to concentrate on whats important not rude, selfish, other people. on a positive note, i was wearing my snowflake sparkle bracelet yesterday, and a client i saw had her 2 year old grand daughter with her, and her words when she saw the bracelet were "WOW!" "Pretty" bless her she was so sweet, and a proper girly girl. See your jewellery inspires and pleases all ages :) have a great christmas x