Friday, 25 November 2011

It's snowing...

…on my blog!

The Twelve Days of Christmas Promotion is running from 25th November 2011 until 6th December 2011.

Each day will have a different offer which will be available for the remaining promotion period. You can wait until all offers have been revealed to make your purchases in order to save on P&P but stock will be limited and in some cases, there will only be one available, so please make sure you reserve any items and make payment arrangements with me.

When they're gone, they're gone.

Payment within 24 hours required on all offer items unless other arrangements agreed.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your blog and following progress, disasters and all. Have a wonderful relaxing Christmas with your family and really wishing you a new year filled with happiness.x

  2. Hope your Christmas went well and you are now past your withdrawal symptoms.

    Wishing you every happiness, peace and well being for you and yours in 2012 xxx

  3. Thanks Meg! Hope you've had a nice break and will be going back to your new less stressful role feeling refreshed. I Had a lovely Christmas and a good break from Facebook! Been working on my new page, getting an Etsy Shop up and running as well as writing articles and making some competition pieces. Still got to finish a new year display for the local craft shop too. Busy Busy Busy!

  4. This is good to hear, you sound much more positive than you did before Christmas and I am pleased that you are through that and have recollected your thoughts and design inspirations.

    The earrings are really lovely and I look forward to seeing your new pieces.

    The gifts I got from you were more than well received, each person was delighted and commented about how special they seemed, nothing at all like you see everyday.

    Thank you.