Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Times They Are a-Changin

I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and knew all the words to Blowin’ in the Wind by age 5.  Sometimes I look back to those happy times as a child when I didn’t have a care in the world, when summers were always long and hot, and being a grown-up (let alone a parent myself) seemed a very long time off.
Planned accidents!

I'm a great believer in seizing opportunities when they come along – even when they don’t necessarily fit with the short or long term plan. Usually, it just means it’s time to change the plan! Giving up work and becoming a parent was always on the plan. An IT career involving lots of travel and time away from home was never going to work unless my husband became a stay-at-home Dad and believe me, that was not going to happen!. Discovering my creative side was really more of a happy accident but it wasn’t long before my new plan included starting my own business.
A change is as good as a rest
Anyway, in the last week my plan has changed yet again and it’s a somewhat scary prospect to be honest!  A friend’s husband runs his own IT Consultancy so when he offered me a part-time role that fitted in with school and wouldn’t stop me continuing with my own business, I felt it was too good an opportunity to miss.
Being a stay-at-home mum certainly has its benefits, especially when you’re running your own business, but it can also be a lonely existence and often a frustrating and thankless role.  After six years being Mum, Cook, Cleaner, Laundry Maid and General Dogsbody (as well as a Jewellery Designer), I’m taking the plunge and going to work in an office for two short days a week, topped up with some hours at home.

It’s going to mean big changes, not just for me, but for the whole family.  I won’t be on Facebook as much and I certainly won’t be getting as much creative time as before (although I’m hoping I can teach myself to be more focused in my ‘me’ time as well as in my responsibilities at home). Time will tell I guess!
1500 Fans!
So, what better time than to have reached my 1500 liker milestone and my giveaway?!  One lucky winner will receive the gorgeous ‘Mourning Tea’ teapot bracelet pictured at the top of this post.   Two other winners will receive £5 vouchers to be used against any order over £10 (including some Sale items).

To be entered into the draw, you must be a liker on my Facebook page.  I’d like you to share your favourite item from any of my collections and then leave me a comment on this post telling me your name and which item you shared  J
I will put the names of all those who share and leave a comment into a hat and draw the lucky winners next Wednesday night.

The winner will be notified on the blog and not directly on Facebook.
Please note that P&P for winners within the UK will be free, overseas P&P will be reduced by £1 but remainder must be paid by non-uk winners at cost.

Good luck and don’t forget to make sure you have checked ‘Show in newsfeed’ for my page so you don’t miss my less frequent updates!  Oh and don't forget to have a browse through my End of Season Sale album for some great ideas for Christmas stocking fillers.



  1. Julie Marie Elliott3 October 2012 at 21:04

    Hi Helen

    Julie Marie Elliott

    i shared the persuasion bracelet. All your work is stunning, but I think thats my favourite so far, just amazing.

  2. I wanted to share persuasion too but it wouldn't let me . So i shared limoges the bracelet which is gorgeous xx Jo hobson

  3. Hi Helen I shared your floral statement necklace as that is my favourite but all your pieces are beautiful..

  4. I love the Beneath the Blue bracelet!

  5. Hi Helen

    I shared the 'Amour' necklace... <3 just gorgeous.

    Nicki Smith was Crook x

  6. I shared your Dusky Flowers bag charm because it is stunning, as they all are. Hoping hubby see's it and takes a hint! Steph

  7. Hello Helen,
    I have shared your 'Pocket Full of Posies' bracelet. It's so pretty :)

    Emma Perry x

  8. Hi. I have shared 'Autumn Frost' Love the colours and the charms! Bethany Heron x

  9. Hiya. I have shared the Persuasion bracelet and dropped hubby a hint as I can't make all my own jewellery - its nice to get something different (and already complete!!) xx

  10. I shared one of the pieces I bought! The Love is All Around necklace. Difficult choice because I love so much of your work xx

  11. I love all your jewellery but had to share the 'Persuasion' bracelet for me its way up there in my WOW list
    Jennie MacIntire

  12. I had to share Blossom necklace, it is such a special piece. Dress up and it is a statement piece. Everyday and it is easily wearable. Very versatile and beautifully crafted xx

    Meg R

  13. Hi hun, I've shared your lovely 'Nature's Treasures'
    Charm Bracelet through my business's FB page (Blackcarat).
    Love your work! Sam from Blackcarat :)

  14. really love your 'Autumn Frost' charm bracelet, so unusual
    Sandy Park x