Monday, 24 September 2012

Tag yourself happy!

If you’ve come to my blog via my article on Bead Barmy, welcome and I hope you find this extra Facebook tip useful!  If you've stumbled on this post by other means, make sure you read the sister post on the Bead Barmy blog for the complete picture.
Have you had problems in the past with Facebook notifications?  Have you missed important enquiries because Facebook hasn’t told you that someone commented on a photo on your business page?
There is nothing more frustrating than suddenly stumbling on a comment requesting to purchase an item that you were never notified of.  Especially when the comment is already a week old and chances are the commenter won’t be notified either that you have (finally) responded!

Facebook has finally taken action to rectify this problem but, as usual, they haven’t shouted about it.  They’ve quietly introduced a new facility that will hopefully ensure you are kept informed about activity on your business page.  PLUS, you will know on your Facebook mobile app about comments on your page photos which is very useful if you are out and about a lot and unable to login as your business page from your mobile device.

Go to your business page and click on the Edit page button (in admin panel).  Choose ‘Manage Notifications’  and you’ll see a new option called ‘Onsite Notification’.  Check this box and you should begin to receive notifications on your personal page when someone posts, comments, likes or sends you a message on your business page.  You can set this for any number of business pages you administrate.

If you are still finding you are missing notifications, there are some roundabout ways you can get over the problem but these will only work if you are still blessed with the old style photos interface and not the new one which doesn’t display photos in albums by default.   The first workaround is to use the ‘Comment view’ on each of your albums to view all photos with comments and check for any new posts.  This is time-consuming and unless you do it on a daily basis, you will still end up being tardy in your responses to missed comments.

A better way is to tag all photos in your business albums so that you will receive notifications on your personal profile.
You can tag multiple photos quickly and easily by switching to your personal profile, navigating to your business page and your albums. Now select an album and click the ‘Tag Photos’ button in the top right-hand corner. Type your name into the tag text box (or ‘me’ and you should pop up near the top of the list!)

Now click on all the photos in the album you want to tag.  They should turn black.

Click Save tags and you're done!
You’ll now receive notifications on your timeline (and your phone!) if someone comments on or likes a photo in your tagged album.

Get tagging!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing facebook tips, all very helpful. I have a facebook but I'm pretty sure I'm not getting the most out of it yet. P.S.found you via Bead Barmy (-: