Sunday, 15 January 2012

More tea vicar?

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just get loads done? They don’t happen to me very often but the last 7 days have been the most productive for me in a long time. Surprising really as I’ve pretty much been a single parent all week with hubby away meeting clients and colleagues in his new job.

I’ve been busy in my ‘other’ life and have made some fantastic progress this week with my latest crusade as parent governor at Edward’s School. Had a really successful meeting with the council about setting up a Walking Bus and managed to get our local Dobbies to donate 300 bulbs to plant outside the school. Not sure how we will manage to plant them with the ground frozen solid but where there’s a will, there’s a way!
On the jewellery front, I had my very first article published which was very exciting. You can read it here.

I put a new display into the local craft centre with the ‘Afternoon Tea’ theme and am pretty pleased it.

I also fulfilled a very last minute request for a brooch. I know I vowed never to make another brooch after the whole saga of the last one but how could I refuse to make a gift for a lovely granny’s 80th birthday! In fact, brooches have been a bit of a theme this week as I completed two more for Edward’s Reception Teacher. She was supposed to choose one from the two purple creations I made but ended up buying both which is always a nice compliment!

Then I’ve had lots of pieces to upload into my new Etsy Shop and two sales already so that’s a promising start. I also created my first Etsy Treasury which was great fun to do.

So what have you lovely people been up to this week? Have you been productive too?



  1. I have come here via FB and I am in awe of your beautiful jewellery. I am wondering if any of your creations will be affordable for tempted. I haven't noticed any prices displayed and I would be pleased to have a price guideline if you wouldn't mind.

    What more can I say....I love it all :)

    1. Hi Jacquie

      Thank you for the lovely comments - you're making me blush!

      I have items for sale in my Etsy shop which you can find here:

      I can also recreate similar pieces to those in the Gallery. A general guide is that charm bracelets are usually between £15 and £20, necklaces between £10 and £15 apart from the more statement piececs. Earrings, well anything from £3 to £15 for the ones with handmade lampwork beads.

      I try to make exclusive jewellery with real attention to detail but at a price that is still affordable. A lot of people think it's just about the time taken to actually put the piece together but many hours go into designing a piece, selecting just the right combination of beads and often ordering in special components. If I charged based on my time, then I really wouldn't sell anything!

      Anyway, thank you for contacting me and I hope you enjoy a browse in my Etsy shop. Feel free to contact me for a quote if there is piece you love which isn't in my shop.

      Kind regards


  2. Hi Helen...I am pleasantly surprised at your reasonable prices and I will keep your Etsy shop in mind (bookmarked) as I'm so in love with your creations. I'll put the word out too.

    You've no need to blush, Helen...your creativity is to be admired and appreciated. x