Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Festive Fun with Beads

 Make an simple beaded napkin Ring
Our Christmas table is going to be red and silver this year so I've made napkin rings in white pearls, clear crystal and silver to complement the colour scheme.  These are really quick and easy to make (good job as there will be 12 of us around the table!) using 40mm memory wire.  They can also double as wraps for small votive candles.
For one napkin ring you will need:


  • Heavy duty round nosed pliers
  • Memory Wire cutters
  • Flat nosed/chain nosed pliers x2


  • Approx. 4 coils of 40mm diameter memory wire
  • 2 x 4mm jump ring
  • Selection of different sized beads in your choice of colour scheme.  Seed beads, crystals and glass pearls work really well.  The quantity depends on the size.
  • 2 x Snowflake charms or other Christmas charms


  1. Cut 3 or 4 complete coils of memory wire depending on how wide you would like your finished napkin ring.
  2. Turn a loop at one end of the cut coils using your heavy duty round nosed pliers.
  3. Thread beads onto the wire.  You can decide a pattern beforehand or just thread them randomly.  Keep pushing them down and threading beads until you are left with around 10mm of bare wire.
  4. Turn another loop to close the ring and secure the beads.
  5.  Attach a charm to the loops at either end of the napkin ring using jump rings.  Use two pairs of flat nosed pliers to open and close the jump rings neatly and firmly.
Your napkin ring is ready to use!

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