Saturday, 16 March 2013

All new!

It’s been all change at Ring O’ Roses since Christmas. 
I’ve had a big problem with a copycat over the last 18 months or so who has not only copied my designs, but has also stolen the slogan for my business!  As a result of this frustrating situation, I decided it was time to take measures to eliminate any confusion between my business and the maker using my brand for their own marketing purposes. 

So welcome to the new look blog for:
 ‘Ring O’ Roses – Original Jewellery by Helen Bowen’
I hope you will spread the word about my blog as I intend to write more informative articles this year on all sorts of topics that will be useful, not just to jewellery makers, but all manner of crafters.
If you are already a fan of my Facebook page, you’ll hopefully see its name change in the coming days to reflect my rebrand.  You’ll probably also have seen that I’ve launched one of my new collections.  It’s called ‘Gothic Chintz’ and it’s a little different to my previous work.  Here's a piece from the collection but I’ll leave you to go and browse the album and find out more...

Dragonfly Dusk Artisan Bracelet
I will be launching another top secret range this evening on Facebook and will be offering a special offer on this collection to all those who have signed up for my newsletter.  You can find the link under the cover photo on my Facebook page or follow this link.
So I hope you will continue to follow my journey on my blog, my FB page and by subscribing to my newsletter and thank you for all the love and support you have shown me until now!


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  1. Good luck with the rebrand Helen and hope your copycat finally comes up with her own designs! All the best x