Friday, 11 November 2011

Let's celebrate!

I can’t believe it! 1000 fans! Thank you everyone for supporting my page. It’s seen success beyond my expectations and I’m looking forward to making more beautiful things for you all and for the next 1000 fans!

As a thank you to my customers, my fans and the many friends I’ve made over the last 9 months or so, I’m going to do a prize draw. One lucky winner will receive a voucher worth £10 to spend on Ring O’ Roses jewellery, one runner-up will win a voucher worth £5 and three other winners will receive a mystery jewellery prize.

All you have to do to enter is:
1. Be a fan of my Facebook Page
2. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name, saying why you like Ring O’ Roses – Handmade Jewellery
3. Leave your comment before Midnight BST on Friday 18th November 2011

Everyone who comments will be entered into the draw to take place on 19th November 2011.

The usual rules apply:
Only one entry per person.
Entrants must be fans of my Facebook page.
Entrants must leave their name when commenting.
Winners will be notified on this blog.
Overseas winners of jewellery prizes must pay P&P at cost.

Good luck!


  1. From Emma Piper :]

    I absoltely love the elegance and pure beauty your jewellery creates when wearing. I love my dragonfly earrings that we swapped and wear them alot! They are so light and beautiful, like all of your jewellery.
    Keep up the great work helen!

  2. I really look forward to seeing your new designs Helen, you have a great eye for colour and your combinations are stunning.

    From Dawn Gatehouse (Polly Red)

  3. gorgeous jewellery hand made excatly as you want x much better than anything you can buy on the high street.

    from Jane Bennett

  4. I always look forward to seeing the new pieces and I love browsing through all of the jewellery to decide what is coming home for me to wear.
    Your jewellery is unique, the colour palettes are lovely, everyone comments and their is a wide choice for presents.
    So pleased I found your page. Meg

  5. Adore your work. You are so creative, and have such a fantastic eye for design and colour, your work is quite unique and I love to see your new items posted to look at and decide what I want to buy. You know I make jewellery myself, and can only aspire to be half as good as you are one day.

  6. I love love love your jewllery i find myself looking at your page most days and having to resist from purchasing more. But every girl deserves a pretty gift. Keep up the good work! Its all fantastic.
    Fiona paxton x

  7. I love Ring O' Roses for the distinctive personal "stamp" of Helen, the designer behind them all. I'd take the risk to say I'd recognize many of them, without knowing who created them :)) It's the extensive use of copper and brass that gives a vintage/bohemian look to her jewellery (without forgetting the lovely pieces in silver!), the bold use of colours, the elements of nature in her designs (sth I always love), the perfect balance between the romantic and the modern, with a frequent, light touch of Victorian charm ...
    On top of it, I really love that she encourages custom orders -a way to interact with the hidden creativity in all of us and a lovely chance to make our dream jewels become real.
    And ours...
    My best,

    P.S.: Following on Facebook, as Despina Vnt

  8. Love your stuff as it's colourful, playful and very distinctive, Keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing your many creations on my facebook wall xxxxx

  9. I absolutely love the jewellery you make and as a fellow jewellery maker i aspire to be as successful as you are with my work and my Facebook page (Nadine Wolfenden Accessories). Looking at your work not only inspired me to keep making now pieces, but it's so beautiful that i want to order so many different pieces.

    Nadine Wolfenden.

  10. Your designs are stunning, so intimate and personal and delicate, i love it!
    What a lovely competition xx

  11. Love your wire work and the colors you use... I love watching the progress of your Coral Brooch and seeing the end result... I did like the "S" figure better at first. But the more I seen the complete work the more I liked it.... Keep up the great work, and thanks for the inspiration you give me when I just can't get myself to bead......

    Loreta Scicluna

  12. I love Ring O'Roses Jewellery because your piece's are always so beautiful and inspirational. Also because you are always there ready with any helpful advice if anyone needs it :D xxx
    Love Dani

  13. Chontelle east loves ringoroses,your work is so lovely and classy with lovely finishing touches that make it all the more special. Brought a phone charm at the camphill fair today from you and even though it was just a small item you still took the time to present it so beautifully. Lovely lovely items.
    love chontelle x

  14. I love Ring O'Roses jewellery because it is so beautiful and pretty and you can be sure that every single piece is unique. It is so well made and the attention to detail is absolutely stunning, along with the presentation of each item. I've had my eye on a few pieces for a while and am constantly checking the facebook page!
    From Emily Weston xx

  15. I love Ring O'Roses Jewellery because its so unique and beautiful.
    I think that any piece of your jewellery would make a stunning Christmas gift for someone.

    From Vicky Formston xx

  16. Nat Wright loves Ring O'Roses Jewellery because you can see that the quality is fantastic and a lot of time & effort has been put into every piece..... i love seeing the constant updates of all the new collections, it really brightens my day xxx

  17. I only discovered this lady's beautiful work recently. I have only bought items as gifts so far and am waiting for the day I can treat myself to one of her lovely pieces! I was really impressed at her willingness to create just what I wanted but even more so to help me find someone who could create something for me which she herself does not make.
    It is a great buying experience and I have to resist buying something every day that I look at her FB page!
    Really beautiful.
    Michelle Burbidge x

  18. I make jewellery too which i sell at school fairs etc and i love looking at other peoples designs not to nick there ideas but to look at the beads and charms used. Beads are like sweets to me. I always find myself drawn to your page as your photos are always so lovely and the jewellery is just so beautiful. I love the cupcake idea. Keep up the good work!!!! Natalie Saunter xx

  19. Charlotte Moseley18 November 2011 at 23:06

    I love your jewellery, You are a great inspiration for me. I am starting a business soon and I love looking at peoples creations, I think your jewellery is one of the best types I have seen so far, I love the different colours you use. Keep up the good work!! Charlotte Moseley x