Saturday, 17 September 2011

Introducing ‘The Christmas Collection'

This year’s collection includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bag/key charms, phone charms and bookmarks. Some pieces are distinctly festive; others are simply beautiful wintery pieces which can be worn throughout the season. More items will be added to the collection over the next weeks and months.

In addition to the Christmas Collection, I will also be making new pieces to add to my other collections. I will also be taking orders for custom items including bookmarks and bag charms that aren’t part of the Christmas range.

Please don’t leave it to the last minute to order. I make all items by hand and I need time to fulfil orders.

Pop over to my Facebook Page to see the collection in full including item descriptions and pricing information. There is a note under the Notes tab explaining how to order.

I will be doing the draw for the earrings shortly so watch out for the next post here announcing the winner!


  1. Just wandered through the Christmas collection on Face book it is brilliant, so many lovely items, difficult to make choices. have made a couple but I am sure I will be after more. Well done Helen.

  2. Have just received my first Christmas order and the items are superb. The Icicle necklace is exquisite, wish the snow would hurry up, and the bookmark is so pretty I am debating whether it really is for a present, then I mustn't be greedy and finally, for the moment the Milli fiori earrings are so so pretty, I might be able to get away with wearing all year round. As usual excellent service and and really quick delivery. Will definately be ordering again.

  3. Well i was a wee bit unsure how to enter and what was needed, But i love your page! Will be buying something yummy for my daughetr whom has had a bad week (shes only 12 ) she was hit by a teacher last week so needs something to cheer her up x